Meet the Team


Scarfe Sandbox Team Lead

Faculty-wide Programs Instructional Specialist

I initiated the Scarfe Digital Sandbox in 2013 and am thrilled to be continuing my work on this and other projects in the Faculty of Education! As an Instructional Specialist, I have the opportunity to work with faculty-wide programs including the Teacher Education Program and the Masters of Educational Technology (from both of which I’m a graduate – classes of 1990 & 2010 respectively!). In Teacher Education, I act as a mentor to both instructors and teacher candidates in the Bachelor of Education Program as they work to infuse digital technologies into their pedagogical practices. As a classroom teacher in the Surrey School District for almost 25 years, a faculty advisor and instructor in the BEd program and as a graduate of the Masters of Educational Technology Program, I am able to look at digital technology integration from a varied and critical perspective. As an avid camper, environmentalist & outdoors enthusiast, I recognize that teaching and learning isn’t ‘all tech all the time’ but a balance that involves careful evaluation and critical decision making on the part of the teacher and the student. Currently, I am working on the Teacher Librarian Diploma program through LLED and am sharing posts through a new category on this blog.


(Summer 2017 – Spring 2019)

LLED PhD Candidate
TLEF GAA & Project Coordinator


(Summer 2018 – Winter 2018)

LLED MEd Candidate, TLEF Tech Mentor GAA

Was a French Immersion IB PYP teacher in Prince George’s County, Maryland. She is working towards a Masters in Education with a focus on bringing in Drama Strategies to reinforce communicative competence in French Immersion (FI) at the primary level. As a teacher, she quickly discovered that there can be a lack of resources available within the FI program. She’s had to find resources or create activities to engage her students. Her role on the Scarfe Digital Sandbox Team is to continue looking for engaging learning tools and to find or create French resources that are accessible for teachers (French BEd candidates). By working with this project she’s discovered the importance of Open Educational Resources (OER) and licensing/copyrights (CC). Alix-Anne looks forward to returning to the classroom soon. She plans to continue contributing to and advocating for OER.


(Summer 2018 – Spring 2019)

Technological Project Assistant

Eric is a Cognitive Systems (Mind, Language & Computation stream) student at UBC. He works as the primary developer of all digital media for the Scarfe Digital Sandbox. This includes the redesign of the website, creation of videos, and the development of marketing/branding materials. Owing from his previous work as a Learning Technology Rover at ETS, Eric is also experienced in providing support for EdTech tools. Using this experience, he works to understand the demand among Teacher Candidates & MET students for EdTech tool support, and creates resources that would be valuable for enhancing their digital competencies.

Janis is a Technology Integration Mentor at UBC who works with Teacher Candidates and Instructors to assist in the facilitation of embedding digital technologies into pedagogical practice. She was seconded from the Langley School District where she works as the District Teacher of ELL and Technology-Implementation Teacher. She has previously worked as Digital Literacy Coach and assisted classroom teachers with technology integration through app exploration and device basics for students or teachers through professional development workshops, sessions, and in-class teaching or collaboration. She was a graduate of UBC’s Teacher-Ed cohort, Personalized Learning & Technology and credits this program with sparking her passion for EdTech tools and desire to inspire others.


(Summer 2018)

Technology Integration Mentor


(Summer 2017 & Summer 2018)

EDST PhD Candidate, TLEF Tech Mentor GAA

Mary is a Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Studies (EDST) at UBC. She received her MA in International and Comparative Education and her BSc in Computer Science both from the American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt. Mary has worked as a K-12 Computer teacher in Egypt teaching web-design and web 2.0 tools. She also worked as an Instructor in the Professional Educator Diploma at AUC focusing on integrating technology in the classroom. In Summer 2017, as part of a TLEF grant, Mary was involved in planning and teaching classroom sessions & research & creating resources related to assistive technologies, open educational resources and virtual reality. In Summer 2018, in a pilot project supported by the Worklearn program, she developed resources and video tutorials for TCs and Master of Educational Technology (MET) students to help them find, create and curate VR content. This included creating 360 Virtual Reality tours using Google Tour Creator and shooting 360 Videos using the Ricoh Theta Camera as part of the MET VR Summer Institute. Mary also created an EdTech concept map to map EdTech resources on the Scarfe Digital Sandbox and beyond.


(Winter 2017)

Tech Coach, TLEF Co-op

Working with Yvonne Dawydiak on the Scarfe Digital Sandbox as part of a TLEF project was my second Co-op term and it was an amazing experience for me. Not only did I get the opportunity to explore various areas, from website development and maintenance, to helping with workshops and conferences, as well as creating and editing videos and posters. As a student majored in Library and Information Studies, I learned so much from working on a diverse range of tasks, and from my conversations with Yvonne and all ETS staff members (they were very helpful and supportive although they all have very busy schedules). Last but not least, I learned so much about the different emerging technologies to use in libraries and education, which I believe will be invaluable for my future career development as well.


(Summer 2016)

Web Programmer, TLEF Co-op

Working with Yvonne Dawydiak on the Scarfe Digital Sandbox was a critical starting point to my career as a programmer. Entering the professional sphere can be a scary transition from being a student, but I feel that my work on this TLEF project made that transition seamless for me. Developing the Scarfe Digital Sandbox with the support and advice of ETS staff was a fantastic learning experience in terms of both technical and soft skills. Moving forward I will miss the friendly, supportive, and especially innovative environment the team perpetuated. Building amiable yet professional relationships is probably the most important skill I picked up working in the Faculty of Education. It is a skill I hope to apply in my future workplaces, wherever those may be.


(Summer 2016)

Web Programmer, TLEF Co-op

What I found most surprising about working with Yvonne Dawydiak on the Scarfe Digital Sandbox was just how friendly and welcoming is the whole team. As this was my first co-op term, I was filled with anxiety during the first days of work. However, we had many ice breaking activities throughout the term and I realized how genuinely open and caring everyone is. I also felt that my opinions had value and that I was encouraged to voice them. I will remember this term as a remarkable learning experience with colleagues who were not only co-workers but knowledgeable mentors in their areas of expertise.


(Winter 2016)

Tech Coach, TLEF Co-op

Working with Yvonne Dawydiak on the Scarfe Digital Sandbox was my first co-op term and my first real work experience. Needless to say I was quite anxious going in, but my transition was made very smooth thanks to the openness and friendliness of the staff. I was able to adjust to my role fairly quickly and became comfortable taking on new tasks knowing that I had the support of the team. I was involved with a diverse range of tasks from media production and blogging to research and website management, which allowed me to apply my previous skills as well as explore exciting new areas. I was clear on what my role was and was happy to receive constructive feedback on my performance that helped me grow.