TC Tech Coach Drop-in Sessions

Join Wendy Zhang, our TC Tech Coach, at the Scarfe Foyer, to talk about technologies/ tools to use in your class assignments and future teaching.

We can talk about AR/VR tools like Aurasma, Quiver,Google Cardboard, etc.;  Open Education Resources(OER), media production tools (Camtasia, VideoScribe, iMovie, etc.),  UBC Blogs/Wordpress, and any other technologies that you are interested in.

Feel free to email Wendy in advance to make an appointment or talk about that you would like to know in the following sessions, or complete this simple form to let us know your interest : 

Drop-in Session Sign_up

Teacher Candidates are encouraged to use this form to sign up for a drop-in session and let the TC Tec coach know what they would like to talk during the drop-in sessions!

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