Links for Cloud Based Applications to Support Varied Learners


Students will benefit from opportunities to communicate for ‘real world’ purposes and audiences.

Future Me
Future Me is a simple site that allows users to write an email to their future self. It allows the user to write an email, include an image, and select the date that the writer wants the email to be delivered back to them. ELL’s could be provided with opportunities to write their ideas in their 1st language or in English depending on level and learning objective. What about writing a letter as the KW in a KWL? When the unit is complete, the letter could be returned and reflected on as part of formative assessment.

Try a MysterySkype or ‘cultural/language exchange’ –

Project Noah
Explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere.

Seek and find a variety of citizen science projects

Story telling:

Student Response:


Adapted content

News/Current events (kid friendly/accessible)


  •  Curriculum Bits offers free access to a range of interactive multimedia elearning resources.  The site contains games, quizzes, animations and videos in a variety of subjects. The site is geared to sts aged 11 to 16.

Mobile apps for secondary 

Evaluating Resources – Video / Food for thought!

Qualitative formative assessment toolkit

To find your own resources, try