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Poll Everywhere is an interactive tool that allows you to engage with your audience and receive responses and/or feedback in real-time. It is a very popular tool used around the world by educators in various fields with audiences both big and small.


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Poll Everywhere can be used when trying to gage your students understandings of various topics in class. It can thus be used as an assessment tool to track the classes progress. It can also be used to receive feedback or spark a discussion. As the instructor, you can create questions and responses. The students then select their responses and submit them as a text message or through a tablet or laptop. Responses are received in real time and can be displayed to you and your audience.

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In order to begin, you will need to create an account. Depending on your needs, you may sign up for a free account which allows you to have up to 40 responses per poll, or you can enroll as a student or instructor for a fee (USD).

Once the account is active, you can begin to create questions ranging from multiple choice, Q & A, open-ended, etc. You can even create interactive word clouds and upload images. In addition, you may also choose how you wish to display the results.

Questions created will be saved to your account and can be reused with various “groups” (or classes). In addition, there are extensions that can be added to your computer or laptop so that Poll Everywhere can be incorporated into different applications such as Google Slides, Powerpoint or Keynote.

After you have completed your questions, you will be given a URL and/or number that students can use to submit their responses. As soon as responses are received, a graph will begin to load showing the results.


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