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Socrative is an online assessment tool that allows teachers to assess students through the use of cloud-shared quizzes. The students can take the quizzes using their smartphones and laptops and teachers can see immediate feedback. Teachers are able to write quizzes using Socrative’s web applet and are also able to see statistics evaluating a student’s performance. The Socrative also allows teachers to pit students against each other with team learning games. The quiz questions a teacher can make include multiple choice, true/false, and short answer. Quizzes that a teacher creates can be exported and downloaded, so teachers are able to share quizzes with other teachers.


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Deploying Socrative quizzes works well within a classroom setting, allowing students to use any electronic device to submit their answers. Socrative offers flexibility to teachers when it comes to how they would like to deploy Socrative quizzes. Socrative gives the ability to launch pre-created quizzes through:

  • a Regular Quiz
    • Students will complete the quiz by answering one question after another.
  • a Space Race
    • Students will be organized into teams and will compete against each other in seeing who can answer the most questions quickest.

Teachers can also utilize an Exit Ticket option to allow students to give feedback about the class and have a field for them to answer a question you pose. You can use this option as a mandatory quiz for students to complete before they are able to exit the class (as the name suggests.)

Socrative can deploy “quick questions.” This is useful for cases where a teacher has not previously prepared to ask a specific question in class, but would like to see immediate feedback. These “quick questions” can be Multiple Choice, True/False, or Short Answer.

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Create a quiz

  • Sign up for a Socrative account at
  • Create a quiz by going into the Quizzes tab, then click “+ Add quiz”
  • Give your Quiz a name, and build your first question by choosing multiple choice, t/f, or short answer.
  • Add an explanation to your answer for more completeness.
  • Save the question, continue builidng your quiz.
  • Once you have finished, click Save & Exit and launch your quiz.


  • Click into the launch tab, and choose whether you’d like to deploy your quiz as a regular quiz, a space race game, or an exit ticket.
  • Choose your quiz, choose your delivery method (Instant feed back, open navigation, teacher paced)
  • Give out your Room Code and ask your students to input it into here to partciapte:
  • Once your students are finished the quiz, click the finish button, and click the view Chart button to see the results of your students.

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