Virtual Field Trips

Take your students on global field trips by bringing the world into your classroom! Thanks to technology we can now allow students to view areas they are studying whether it’s using a digital map like Google Tour or through the use of webcams like Skype’s Virtual Tours. We will share where you can find and arrange tours to trial with your students.

Does this link to your subject area? Here are just some examples…

  • “Walk” through Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  • Speak with Vancouver Holocaust survivors through Skype
  • Tour with a museum expert about Fur Trade Travels and Tales at the Canadian Canoe Museum
  • Visit a Canadian Farm Virtually (possibly before attending with students)
  • Watch cheetah’s and learn about their lives from an expert
  • Visit an underwater research station and learn about creating an underwater habitat for humans
    • Extension – how might this practice be similar to creating habitats on Mars???

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