3 responses to “Poll Everywhere: engage your class in real time”

  1. Jennifer

    Hi is it okay to use a software that stores information (e.g. text logs, phone numbers when accessing the poll from mobile phones) when personal identities can be traced?


    1. eric lee

      Hi Jennifer,

      Under FIPPA, you are able to use this kind of software so long as there is no link between the personal identities and personal information. A common way to remedy using software that is not compatible with FIPPA is to use pseudonyms for your students. Here is a guideline on what is covered under FIPPA: https://universitycounsel.ubc.ca/files/2015/05/Fact-Sheet-What-is-Personal-Information.pdf



    2. yvonne dawydiak

      Hi Jennifer, please note also that if you are working in K-12 schools, there are specific permissions and processes around informed consent in your school district and/or at your school. It is always essential to connect with your school advisor (if you are a teacher candidate) and valuable to check with school admin or librarians prior to using a new software with students.

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