Scarfe Sandbox EdTech Library

What is it?

This concept map aims to be a first one-stop shop for finding relevant EdTech tools and resources. Are you looking for a useful tool for your context but you’re not sure where to start? This visual layout can help in teasing out different categories and options. It is also searchable so it can be easy to navigate by keyword.


The research behind it

This concept map builds on conversations with students, instructors and research into recent trends at UBC and beyond to map relevant EdTech resources for TEO and MET students. It links to EdTech resources that are housed in the Scarfe Sandbox, as well as CTLT’s learning technology hub, the UBC Research Commons and UBC studios. In addition it also links to some MET students’ favourite tools (according to their instructors) as well as to resources shared by the wider MET community on the MET social media platforms.


Finding your way on the map

This key will help you decipher the sections of the map:


The main categories for EdTech tools are:

  • Design
  • Image tools
  • Video tools
  • Digital storytelling
  • Presentation tools
  • eBooks
  • PDF editing tools
  • Assistive technologies
  • Research and Writing tools
  • Organization (includes time management, organizing ideas, & social bookmarking)
  • Open Education Resources
  • Lesson planning resources (includes subject specific resources, tools for interactive classrooms, educational games and digital repositories)
  • On the Horizon (includes augmented and virtual reality resources, makerspace robotics and coding)
  • Survey and assessment tools
  • Management systems (includes Learning Management, classroom management and content management systems)
  • Communication (includes web conferencing, discussion, collaboration, & social media)
  • Audio tools
  • UBC spaces
  • Beyond K-12 contexts (particularly useful for MET students who are in non-profit or for-profit sectors)


Share with us

This map is not yet exhaustive of all relevant resources. There is still more room to expand particularly in looking into recent trends. Do you have any categories, tools or resources that you think are relevant to the map? Please comment below or send us an email on

If you are interested in building online concept maps, you can check out this concept mapping resource.

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