Live Streams for Elementary and Secondary Students

Potential uses for Webcams in the classroom range from whole class engagement, to small group, to individual and even ‘passive’ observation where the ‘cam’ or live stream is left displayed for students to observe as desired or as needed. Webcams can form part of a learning center or be used in conjunction with hands-on manipulatives, magnifiers, measuring tools, books, writing and drawing materials. Applicable to a wide range of subject areas from geography to science, effective use of webcams may engage students’ in critical thinking, storytelling, problem solving and observation.

EarthCam is a ‘WebCam Network’ where you can access worldwide live streams and webcams. It even has an interactive map of the world that you can ‘zoom around’. You can even register for a free account to set up your own ‘EarthCam’ to share with the world.


Jericho Sailing Centre: webcam, North View

High-quality stream aimed north from the Jericho Sailing Centre. Supports iOS and Android devices.

Vancouver Aquarium: live streams
Fantastic series of live streams including beluga, penguins, sea otter, jelly fish. Video archives for past events. Links to useful educational resources aimed at younger audiences.

Greater British Columbia

On the Snow: British Columbia Ski Resort Webcams

This site has links to webcam streams for BC ski resorts all around the province, and is useful for tracking weather and skiing conditions.

Ocean Networks Canada

Folger Pinnacle Reef Cam – rockfish conservation zone off of Vancouver Island.

Richmond Nature Park

Watch wildlife at the Richmond Nature Park here: this summer there has been lots of activity from a family of chickadees! Have to sign up to view it. Watch to see what other wildlife shows up.

Ruping Mo’s Personal Weather Centre: Webcams+ Around BC

Has a pretty old interface and style (it looks like it belongs in the late 90s), but links to webcams from all around Canada, and is specifically designed around weather forecasting. They’re not streams but links to the most current image from the webcams specifically for BC and the Yukon.

Canada live user controlled streaming webcams

Webcams from this side of the BC-Alberta border, and have additional functionality where users can actually control them, then take a screenshot and share it through social media!.

HillCam (English) (French)

Webcam at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. It’s obviously a great way to get elementary and secondary students interested in civics. Links to information about Parliament Hill, and is in both English and French.

Includes links to regularly updated still photos taken from hundreds of webcams across Canada. Focus is on the Maritimes and concerns weather. Plenty of information worth reading here.



Webcams from around the world, but only some of them may be appropriate to show in your classroom.. This is probably the best place to go first when looking to bring streaming video into your classroom.

CamVista Kidcams

Features webcams that will be suitable for kids –some humourous and educational.

Houston Zoo Animal Webcams

Let’s you watch several African animals: elephants, gorillas, flamingoes, giraffes, rhinos.

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo has live cams of several animals, including pandas, penguins, polar bears, and elephants!

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Here you can watch giant pandas, lion cubs, and even a whole herd of elephants. You can even watch the streams through the zoo’s app, and there’s lots of educational resources available on the website.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

This website lets you watch several aquatic animals, including sea otters and jellies, but you can also watch animals in the bay, out in the open ocean, and birds. There is more information about the animals in the sidebar.


Aquarium of the Pacific

The webcam-based lesson plans here are pretty basic, but they cover all elementary ages and deal with several kinds of marine animals. Best used for inspiration or a foundation for a larger lesson plan.

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

Several lesson plans on the EagleCam, which follows a nesting ground of bald eagles.                                                                                                                       

Webcams in the Classroom: Animal Inquiry and Observation
Detailed lesson plan around using animal webcams in the classroom is a great template