Augmented and Virtual Reality — Pedagogical Possibilities

Come join us in Scarfe 155 (Faculty of Education Library) for a Celebrate Learning Week event where we’ll explore some of the possibilities of our initial forays into AR and VR including the use of Aurasma and Google Cardboard.

Participation will be limited to 25.

If you’ve played Pokemon Go or enjoyed a 3-D movie experience, then you know how engaging augmented and virtual reality experiences can be. At this Celebrate Learning event, let’s join in a discussion and sharing of ideas about the potential of augmented and virtual reality for teaching and learning. We will share some of the ways we have experimented with the Aurasma app when engaging teacher candidates with the spaces, resources, and collections of our Education Library and Scarfe Digital Sandbox. Learn about how UBC Librarians are using AR to enhance the use of spaces, collections, and services at the Education Library and the IKBLC Chapman Learning Commons and hear about some AR and VR initiatives on campus.

In preparation for this session, if you have a smartphone or tablet, please download the Aurasma app (available for iOS or Android) and log into our shared account:

Account: edlibubc
Password: library

Additional devices will be available at the session if you do not have a smartphone or tablet. We will have a set of google cardboard glasses available for us (and will draw for a special ‘make-it-yourself’ Doorprize!)

Questions or further info, please email:

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