Gearing up for Practicum – planning resource support for TCs 2018-19

Gearing up for Practicum – practical sessions to help TCs with practicum planning, resource selection, digital tech integration and more. Select days in December and January from 12:00 – 2:00 pm in Scarfe 155 in the education library. (December and January are meant for Secondary TCs with additional sessions in February and March geared to Elementary/Middle Years.)

Click here to RSVP with specific planning needs and practicum topics so that we can have some resources ready for you when we meet. *IF you RSVP at least 2 business days ahead, our wonderful education librarians will pull some resources based on your planning topic/grade level and have them ready for you on your appointment date! 

Explore diverse resources, get tips on designing unique learning experiences and consider effective ways to integrate digital technologies. Sign up any stage of planning to consult with experienced educators including our Education Librarians, Wendy & Emily and our Tech Integration Mentors, Yvonne and Janis.

You can also have support for French Immersion or Core French Units with Liza or Nick on Tuesdays.

NB: these are not ‘workshop sessions’ but more like individual and small group consults and support. 

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