Scarfe Teaching and Learning Studios

The UBC Faculty of Education was successful in its UBC Learning Space Improvement Project bid to refurbish the computer labs in Scarfe 1006 and 1007 into flexible teaching/learning spaces effective summer 2018. Students have told us for many years that they lack space to work on collaborative projects, which form such a large part of many courses, particularly in the BEd Program, and the Scarfe computer labs have become less and less frequently used, especially as most students now have their own devices. The project proposal and adjudication process was rigorous, and our Faculty’s proposal was ranked among the top four across the campus to be funded.

I was grateful to play a small part in this process and work alongside a collaborative team with varied skills. I look forward to using these new spaces along with graduate students, teacher candidates and faculty in the Faculty of Education!   Yvonne Dawydiak, Faculty-wide Programs Instructional Specialist

These new flexible learning spaces are now called the Scarfe Teaching and Learning Studios. They are open for use and may be used and reserved by students in the Faculty of Education. These spaces are also available for limited booking by FoE faculty and staff. The intent is for at least one of these spaces to remain open to students at all times if the other is booked.

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