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  1. Janet Smith

    Is it possible to purchase the Digital Literacy in BC (hexagonal graphic organiser) as a poster?

    1. yvonne dawydiak

      Hi Janet, thanks for asking! The student who created it as part of a project we did shared it as a creative commons, with attribution, non-commercial image. You are welcome to download it at no cost as long as you ‘share alike’. You can print, share electronically etc. I suspect the quality may not work for a larger poster… I’ll have a look in my files to see if I have a pdf that might work better. If so, i’ll update with a link.

  2. Greg Gerber

    Hello Yvonne,
    I am wondering if you have been able to locate the higher quality pdf of the Digital Literacy in BC (hexagonal graphic organiser) as per your last comment?
    If so, could you send it to me as well?
    Thank you!

  3. Marj Gumayagay

    Hi Yvonne,

    Can I have a copy of the high quality pdf version of the Digital Literacy in BC (hexagonal graphic organiser) as well? Can you update this post with a link to it, or alternatively can you send it to me?


    1. yvonne dawydiak

      Hi Marj, I’m afraid I’ve had difficulty locating the original copy. I plan to have someone remake it so we have a higher quality version and will share that in the post but, for now, we’re stuck with the jpg. Glad you’ve found it useful!

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