Assistive Technologies for Colour Blind Students

Sometimes you create aesthetically appealing presentations only to discover that some students are unable to read them. Perhaps you have colour blind students and are unsure how to proceed in the development of your presentations to make them easily readable for everyone.

  • As an instructor, it is important to be cognizant of the facts on colour blindness.
  • There are tips and tricks you can learn in order to prepare lessons that are inclusive of colour blind students.
  • One way to ensure that your presentations are inclusive is to export your presentation into images, one for each slide. You can then test your images on this colour blind simulator to see how different colour blind individuals can view it.
  • In addition, you can also share the famous Ishihara colour blindness test with your students’ parents if they wish to assess their own child to see if they are red-green color blind (the most common type of color blindness).
  • If you would like more detailed information on colour blindness you can check the colour blindness e-book.

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