Seeds and STEM: Science Rendezvous in the Faculty of Ed.

Thank you for participating in the Science Rendezvous event at UBC, for visiting the Faculty of Education and welcome to the Scarfe Digital Sandbox, an open educational resource to share digital technologies and STEAM learning resources and ideas for teaching and learning!

If you took part in the Teacher Ed Green Screen, you can find your photos on our Flickr Stream:  Seeds and STEM photo stream – green screen photos shared with permission. (

For our green screen, we used a simple iOS app called ‘Green Screen by DoInk’ (Green Screen Instruction handout here)

We hope you had a chance to visit the seed library, make a pot and plant a seed. IF not, please visit some other time to borrow seeds!

For further information about the Seed Lending library, please visit the Education Library’s li

bguide and, if you are a teacher or learning interested in integrating digital technologies and S.T.E.A.M., watch this website for upcoming events and resources!

In the foyer, I know that Lorrie and her daughter enjoyed introducing you to some of the many possible ways you might repurpose old books.

The librarians in the education library did some weeding of the stacks, Lorrie dreamed up some crafts and our visitors made beautiful “woven” bookmarks!


From our little volunteer team to you: We hope all of the “seeds” you planted today will grow and flourish!




Yvonne Dawydiak, TeacherEed: instructional specialist @yvonnedtechtalk @scarfesandbox
Lorrie Miller, TeacherEd: program advisor (and arts instructor) @ubcteachered
Janis Sawatzky, Teacher Ed: tech integration mentor
Wendy Traas, Education Library @ubcedlib


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