Here is a picture of a document on the FNESC website about different literature that you can use to incorporate Indigenous perspectives into the classroom.

The First Nations Education Steering Committee, or FNESC, is an organization that promotes the incorporation of Indigenous voices into the education system. They also advocates for the well-being of Indigenous students in British Columbia. FNESC offers a variety of Indigenous education resources, including:

  • Resources for English First Peoples Courses
  • Resources for promoting Indigenous languages and cultures
  • STEM resources
  • Resources for post-secondary students and faculty
  • Lesson planning resources for teachers

In finding ways to incorporate authentic Indigenous perspectives and ways of knowing in the classroom, it is important to make sure that voices from Indigenous communities are included. For decades, FNESC has been at the forefront of promoting Indigenous education in British Columbia. The resources that they provide on their website can be valuable additions to classrooms throughout the province.

Getting started on the FNESC website is simple and there are only two major steps!:

  1. Go onto http://www.fnesc.ca/
  2. Explore the resources that FNESC offers under their menu, including resources under “Learning First Peoples” and “Post-Secondary”


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