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  1. Kit Ward

    Hi, I have an educator who is interested in learning more about ScribJab and which languages you support. Who can I pass their information too?

    1. yvonne dawydiak

      Hi Kit, Scribjab is a project developed by some faculty at SFU (not by me or my students). Here is some further info about the project. https://www.sfu.ca/education-research-hub/dialogue/digital-story-creation-with-scribjab-an-innovative-interactive.html As to additional languages, when I added the post highlighting scribjab to the scarfe sandbox blog, there were only stories in english and french. That said, because the user creating the story does their own typing and audio, any language for which you have a keyboard and can speak should be possible. I’d hoped to check their help resources but the ScribJab site says that it is currently down for maintenance. Your colleague may wish to login to scribjab.com and have a look around. Hope that helps. I have found this site valuable for language learners from the early years through more advance (for story sharing/publishing/creation).

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