Podcast Series: interdisciplinary learning

Thinking Outside the Sandbox was created in summer 2020 as the result of a collaboration between two graduate students Belén Guillemin and Nashwa Khedr, together with the 2020 Scarfe Sandbox team and contributing faculty members. The inspiration for the podcast series came about as Belen and Nashwa interviewed Faculty of Education faculty members to learn more about their views on interdisciplinary learning and STEAM. During the recorded interviews, they noticed some themes emerging across the separate video interviews. In order to capture these broader themes, Belen devised a script that wove together excerpts from the interviews.

Episodes are being published during the 2020-2021 school year. Each episode is accompanied by a blogpost on the Scarfe Sandbox website. Happy Listening!

Listen on Anchor (or get access to alternative streaming platforms including Spotify)

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